ROMANCE (Classical Guitar)

It’s been a long time since I posted a musical video here.  Well, I guess I’ve been too busy to listen, really listen to anything.  Today, I have an easier afternoon (my husband brought the younger boys with him to the office) and so, I found my hands free and able to focus.  I sawContinue reading “ROMANCE (Classical Guitar)”


I used that phrase in a little poem that I wrote following a DVERSE POETS PUB prompt.   I thank the friends who liked that phrase, and of course, all of you who visited and commented. 🙂  However, I would not have conceived of it had I not seen something that closely resembled butterflies dancingContinue reading “BUTTERFLIES DANCING ON PIANO KEYS”

ENIGMA for Poetics: Interactions

Man a frail creature of a few exalted years before he turns to dust though his will wishes otherwise. Yet, God is mindful of him the psalmist asked why and answered a little less than the angels he was made Bah! would the angels have wept at this comparison to man?! who time and againContinue reading “ENIGMA for Poetics: Interactions”


On Saturday, I came across an interesting post in my FB Wall.  It was a documentary about young poor musicians from a landfill town in Paraguay who triumphed over their life situation to make beautiful music.   By all accounts, the story line is trite.  It has been the subject of  movies.  Even so, storiesContinue reading “LANDFILL HARMONIC”


    Today, we (Catholics) commemorate the  Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  God, in His loving kindness, did not permit that the woman – who by a singular privilege was immaculately conceived so that she would be worthy to carry in her womb God’s only begotten Son – should suffer decay of body afterContinue reading “FOR THIS HOLY DAY”


Thanks to Peanuts,  I am reminded of this lilting and joyful musical piece.  How appropriate for this beautiful morning.    The conductor and the soloist in the respective videos convey nicely  the emotion of this piece.  If you are in some kind of a  doldrum, I hope the notes will bring a spring to your feetContinue reading “BRAHM’S HUNGARIAN DANCE NO. 5”