We steal moments when we can and hold each other like we used to and thus stoke the fires that made us one. There, in the kitchen where the smell of garlic coats our skin or in the pantry where we cannot be seen, let’s share a kiss and enfold each other in anContinue reading “OLD ROMANCE”


PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)

Do not put me on a pedestal nothing in that little space is real there, all my sins and all my virtues shine bright depending on the viewer’s eyes. It is lonely at the top separated from  humanity’s pulse while longing for a kindred heart to toast victories, to mourn failures. No, do not holdContinue reading “PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)”

SOLILOQUY (For Magpie Tales)

Look at me. I have come to terms with the mistakes you made. You were young and searching for your meaning. All has been forgiven. There is no sense carrying pain like a millstone around my neck. Look at me. Life has caught up with me. Old age is creeping in my bones and revealContinue reading “SOLILOQUY (For Magpie Tales)”

Chasing a Poem

She lied in wait in the shadows of dreams for the words that escaped her waking hours. She’d capture her vision with her pen bleeding the images on paper, a shroud extolling the features of the dead. Birds sang, flowers bloomed, the world turned, while she chased the elusive words. ~~~~ For Magpie Tales.  PleaseContinue reading “Chasing a Poem”


I looked over her shoulder to see the note I delivered upon the request of our mutual friend I was restless with anticipation – our friend would surely break the news that love found me at last  that weekend I visited home. There was no excitement in my friend’s smile. Instead she pulled away andContinue reading “THE MESSAGE”


Stolid grass watched over the wealth under its care while the winds drove the carefree adventurer away time had abandoned this wilderness as it’s always been a welcoming bosom for the weary of heart and limb trudging the solitary path, he alone could take accompanied by pallid clouds shedding mournful tears to soften the earthContinue reading “RESTING PLACE”


The lure of the stars she could resist no more she unfolded her wings and set out to fly though strong arms pinned her to the floor. “The journey’s dangerous, stay where you are” to their pleading voices, she learned to reply the lure of the stars she could resist no more. Towards   gatheringContinue reading “FREEDOM”