This pretty photo is “Musician in the Rain” by Robert Doisneau. It is this week’s prompt in Magpie Tales. Please click the photo to visit the site.

He knew well to bow
to music greater than his
he let his hands go silent
with humility and grace
he yielded his music
to the song of the wind
kept his feet in rhythm
with the tinkling rain

Still his music played
though he alone could hear
the bittersweet tune
of his joys and tears
Yet, beauty is a gift
that could not be contained –
his music will rise
as the sun at dawn
one with the symphony
that the Master had drawn.


I wrote this for Magpie Tales.  I decided to forego movie night with my husband so I could write and finish a decent piece that I can share with DVERSE’s Open Link Night.  At 11:48 p.m. EST, I’m cutting it really really close. 🙂 Ah, do visit these lovely places when you get the time.  Better yet, link up one of your works.

Thank you for coming by.  🙂 I am behind with visits.  I will catch up soon.  Thanks for being so nice to me.

13 thoughts on “AT REST

  1. ha, u sure did cut it close… nonetheless you made it which is what matters.. smiles.

    Very nice write; sometimes you don’t even need a tune to dance… I know I don’t (I’ve got so much music in my head) hahah

  2. i think the better we play ourselves, the more we’re in awe about what the real masters accomplished and it’s good to let the hands rest a bit, savoring every tune and then in a symphony with them play our own hearts into it… beautiful pic… i could bet it is paris… you just feel her spirit even in a photo in the rain…smiles

  3. I specially like the ending, there is light and warmth ~ Thanks for linking up with D’verse ~ My hubby knows how to entertain himself if I have write and blog, smiles ~

  4. This flows so effortlessly. I like the fact that the musician takes back seat to the rhythm and beauty of the rain. Glad you skipped the movie to share this beautiful poem with us.

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