My broom dances to Yoyo Ma
bowing a Bach prelude
Dust and crumb puff and twirl
sensing my happy mood

With kids asleep, the night is mine
the night is mine alone
and I will dance and  I will sing
my broom as microphone

Yoyo Ma will fiddle and bow
he'll fiddle all night long
while I buff the floor,  tidy up  
put things where they belong.

Cello strings will twang and snap, beg
I sit and sip my wine - 
I bless the Lord for this,   my day,  
so simple, so sublime.


For DVerse's Meeting the Bar:  Common Meter

6 thoughts on “A MOTHER’S NIGHT

  1. Dance and sing away ~ We mothers should have our time alone, and take care of ourselves ~ Lovely work on the form 8/6/8/6 in a stanza ~

    Thanks for joining us Imelda ~ Regards ~

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