AUTUMN DANCE (A Quadrille)

On butterfly wings
and chariots pulled by swans
fairies gather for an autumn dance
How tree limbs creak
under the weight
of fairies picking leaves
to adorn their skirts
Dressed in colors
they flirt withย  the wind
graceful and radiant to the very end.

“Creak” is the word this week for DVerse Poets’ Pub’s Quadrille prompt.ย  I thought I’d be writing about my bones, but something I read brought fairies to mind and thought that they are a much better subject. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  In addition, I had the pleasure of listening to autumn inspired classical pieces and watching a video of the last act of Swan Lake to write this piece.

Here is the link for your enjoyment.

I realized Autumn is my favorite season, much more than spring. I can take endless photos of the season and be inspired by them.
Happy Wednesday to you all.

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