There’s a language that speaks to all
though only a few command it well
an alphabet of eight notes
all weighed in a scale
needing no words –
an infant knows he’s loved
by the sound of his mother’s lullaby.

Listen to Mancini
command the notes with his baton
as a wizard wields  his staff
to tame his world

Soon the arpeggios pour in
like fairy dust sprinkling magic
and the soul rides
on the back of the melody
rising above self
towards the heavens
and there sees
with eternity’s eyes
the common seed
where all sprung
and then hears
with angelic ears
that the voices of all humanity
are but one.


dVERSE POETS’ PUB wants us to write about Peace, be in universal or personal peace.  I had a chance to listen to beautiful music yesterday, and that was when I toyed with the idea of music as a language for peace.  Anyway,  my idea was flowing this morning but did not write it down because we were rushing to go to Mass.  When I tried to write the same idea later in the night, the words got stuck somewhere.  Some inspiration came again after watching an episode of Bones which was about an Amish prodigy.  That’s a long way of saying “I need to review my work.”

Anyway, for your enjoyment, here are some  of the pieces that I was listening to last night:


19 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. What a lovely post and poem … archpagios falling like fairy dust … charming and quite memorable. I love it, Imelda.

    I visited a rose garden yesterday and thought of you and the lovely photographs you post of your flowers.

    1. Thank you for the remembrance, Jamie. 🙂 That is really nice of you. It will be nice if I can give you one of the better rose flowers I sometimes get here. 🙂

      1. Wouldn’t that be lovely! 🙂 Cherish the thought.

        I didn’t take any photographs. I didn’t think they’d come out as good as yours. So lovely I can almost smell them.

  2. Include my name on the list of people who the only thing they know about music is that they love listening to it! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Adin. 🙂 It was the song based on the theme, Eternally, that made me look for the music. This musical piece is so beautiful and I just admired Charlie Chaplin more for this composition.

    1. Yay! Debbie. YOu always brighten this place with your presence. 🙂
      I was desperate to meet the deadline, so I threw any word that would stick. 🙂

  3. nice…music has the ability to touch places that nothing else can…and transport us to places that little else can as well…gonna spin up the music now and let it take me there….

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