JAKE’s challenge is about PERSPECTIVE. So on Memorial Day afternoon, while food was grilling, when the sun was lowering in the horizon and the backyard trees were glowing from the fading sunlight, I took photos of the sun in various positions relative to the trees and foliage.


Photos 1 and 2 had the same foreground leaves and background tree, but at different angles.


Photos 3 and 4 had the same group of foliage as subject. I was trying to fit the sun in through the hole in the leaf.


I was also learning how I could capture sunbeams with my camera.   I had to increase the aperture to about f14 -f16 to get a clearer sunbeam.


Now, for some fun perspective, how about this headless swan?  It turned just as I was about to click the camera.  Now, it is forever stuck  in this unflattering pose. 😉

Thank you very much for coming by.  I hope you enjoyed my perspective. 🙂 Do visit Jakesprinter at SUNDAY POST for more responses.


SUNDAY POST LOGO 2013 120 x 100


26 thoughts on “CATCHING THE SUN

  1. Great idea using black and white, I have a hard time going there when I’m still excited everything is green, but it was so much more effective!

    1. Thanks, Jessie. 🙂
      I was torn between keeping the color and using black and white. I guess I settled on using these pics for a change of pace.

  2. How fun it is to play with a camera. I am determined when Meg goes off to school I am going to take a photography class and learn Fstops and such. I think it will be a wonderful activity and a great skill to learn! Thanks for more inspiration to do so! 🙂

    1. You can do trial and error now, which is basically what I am doing (with help from some websites about digital photography). Though my husband would like me to go the route you are planning to take – go to a photography school so that I can learn and meet people, too. 🙂

  3. Your photos are so beautiful, Imelda – how you’ve caught the sunlight in “black-and-white”, this has a very special atmosphere. And the headless swan makes me smile 🙂

    1. Ocean, thanks for coming by. I took the photos in color and then played with the pictures using Picasa. Try it with one of your photos. I am sure Greta will also look gorgeous in black and white. 🙂

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