Silence is the sanctuary of my soul. It is the shell that turns sand into a pearl. Within its confines, words lose meaning and become the ripples that disturb the serene surface. How lovely is this silence. How fragile is the stillness. I hide and burrow deeper in its comforts. From within, I see theContinue reading “AN ANATOMY OF SILENCE”


I dare not be silent for I am afraid my own soul shall speak of truth I do not wish to hear. Where shall I hide from the tide that will sweep me clean of myself? There, in the praise of people, in the shelter of kindred thoughts that lift me up high and shieldContinue reading “SOLITUDE (for DVERSE)”


JAKE’s challenge is about PERSPECTIVE. So on Memorial Day afternoon, while food was grilling, when the sun was lowering in the horizon and the backyard trees were glowing from the fading sunlight, I took photos of the sun in various positions relative to the trees and foliage. Photos 1 and 2 had the same foregroundContinue reading “CATCHING THE SUN”


Yesterday,  I visited the pond hoping to catch some geese splashing in the water.   I often see them gather by the edge of the pond, make their usual posturings, then all head down to the dark water in one big noisy splash.  Unfortunately for me, they did not do as expected when I expectedContinue reading “TURQUOISE”