I am blogging from the beautiful State of Maine where spring is fully sprung, where a thick cover of new green trees –

Maine sign
along with some safety reminders line the roadsides and greet travelers.


After awhile, the signs can get boring, but not this one along Route 1 in Yarmouth. He looks a little irked to be standing outdoors all the time advertising a store that sells sporting goods, if I recall correctly, but I welcome the sight of him. 🙂

Native American Statue
Because where I can see him, I know that something sweeter waits around the corner. A store that sells the best custard there is is right across Mr. Native American and that is where we had our lunch break during the trip. Egg is a good meal, isn’t it?

Eventually, after a seven hour trip, we got to our destination. As soon as I could, I visited the lilac tree to see some lilacs and behold what I saw:

Butterfly party
There are signs and there are signs and I consider these swallowtails the best of all.

They portend many a happy days –
and that their world is still fine as it is. 🙂


Thank you for coming by. 🙂 I bet this is not the last time you will see swallowtails in my pages. I see them flitting about during my walks. This morning, I photographed a different butterfly species. Beautiful days are ahead indeed. 🙂

For more SIGNS, please visit DAILY POST: THE SIGN SAYS. 🙂



    1. Naku, when we get the chance, we’ll try to see his house in Bangor and take a picture for you. I’ve been asking my family here to see SK’s place but we always run out of time when in Bangor.

      1. omg that would be awesome Melds! Pero it would only make sense if you were in the pic/s ha? 🙂 I’ve read so many of his works but still it feels like I haven’t even scratched the surface. Regards to you and your family!

  1. I totally agree on the Swallowtail signs. They are gorgeous! Great entry for the challenge. 🙂

  2. Your Maine pics are gorgeous…but those butterflies – WOW! I’ve not seen that type of butterfly in Arizona…we mostly get Monarchs, but not many of them.

    1. Monarchs…they appear here during the summer. I understand that there’s been a concern about the dwindling monarch population because their food, the milkweed, is slowly disappearing. That will be a sad day when the Monarchs disappear – one less beauty to go around.

    1. Thanks, Diane. 🙂 There’d be more butterfly posts. I captured an old black swallowtail the other day. Then there was another butterfly which appeared to have the sketch of a face on its wings. 🙂

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