On Memorial Day, we walked the mile or so to the Green to watch the Memorial Day Parade.  We thought that that would give our children a sense of community and history.  We  wanted the school aged boys to experience what they read in their Social Studies lessons.

For the “V” Challenge, I wish to share these photos of some veterans who were in the parade.

I wanted to turn the photos in monochrome.  However, my husband pointed out that  it would remove an essential detail – color – from the uniforms which the Vets proudly wore.

Vietnam vets

That was a good point from my husband.  The uniforms are part of their soldierly identity.  They are part of history.   

Veterans3Anyway, the children may not have appreciated the full import of what they watched.  But they did enjoy the other parts of the parade – the soldiers in their regalia, the Civil War actors, the bands.  Maybe, as they grow older, they will appreciate more the great service that the Veterans and the soldiers rendered.

To all the men in uniform, our thanks for the service.  (And at this point, please allow me to include the soldiers who serve and have served my motherland).  🙂

Thanks you for coming by.  Please visit FRIZZTEXT for more “V” offerings. 🙂 Thank you for coming by.



10 thoughts on ““V” for VETERANS

  1. A great entry for V! I love seeing the elderly Vets, they are so proud, as well they should be. What sacrifices they made for us and our countries.

  2. Yes, we should honor the people that fought the war for freedom. Jesus did for us too. Thanks God for freedom and for what he has done for us. I salute these heroes:)

  3. I find it great that you honor the veterans of your country that way. In Germany, our soldiers often meet with criticism rather than appreciation and they lack support from their own people, which may be due to the fact that many of us simply do not know what exactly the soldiers do …or that we have an incomplete conception of what their mission includes.

    My husband is an active reservist and frequently participates in military exercises.

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