The sun, slanting in the horizon, always gives me pause. In the mornings, the rising sun casts mysterious shadows on the ground. In late afternoons, the glowing sunlight in the backyard casts a golden glow on the grass, the wire fence, and the tiny insects buzzing around. When I can, I head out to theContinue reading “GOLDEN LIGHT (WPC: Ooh, Shiny!)”


Feeling a raindrop, the droopy leaf Expelled a sigh of deep relief And stretched forth its palms As a beggar begs his alms As raindrops pooled on its skin It bid the bugs to drink and swim And the raindrop lit up and glistened while it let the sunshine in only to scatter the lightContinue reading “AFTER THE RAINS”


Leaves Don’t fall Without you Turning. Hang on When the wind blusters Hold tight when the rain pours Watch the geese fly south. Behold The sun go dim or even wait For Halloween. Do anything but Fall without unfurling Autumn’s banner. Autumn is Good Friday’s empty altar Stripped of flowers, and colors, and life WavesContinue reading “AUTUMN”


The wind plays Autumn’s hymn Plaintive floating in the air above the treetops Through fields Of plump pumpkins And golden grains. Above the clouds There flows The staccato call of departing geese While down below the laden trees drum their fruit against the solid earth. Then at last the russet leaves join the swelling symphonyContinue reading “AUTUMN’S HYMN”


Autumn comes bearing a gift wrapped in velvet reds and fiery gold infused with Summer’s flavors. What a vision to behold this masquerade for his chilly airs that secretes decay’s odor. How soon the party ends the music shatters friends leave shadows reign and silence waits While Autumn does its work the heart hopes forContinue reading “AUTUMN BEARS A GIFT”


It is the season, so I am posting autumn-themed pictures. I was standing in the backyard waiting for leaves to fall and hoping to take a picture of one in mid-air. And I couldn’t capture a decent shot. Then I noticed the little maple trees on the ground. They were making their own show evenContinue reading “WPC: THE HUE OF YOU”


Swaying, dancing limbs let FALL a shower of leaves twirling dropping like garments ’til they rest on the floor. Little by little inhibitions are shed and all secrets bared to the dark wintry nights then gathered and worn again at the warm touch of light. ~~~~ I tried to make a different layout for thisContinue reading “STRIP TEASE”


For this week’s theme, I offer these leaf pictures from our backyard.  I like backlit photos and light saturated images.  I like the glow that the light lends to the pictures.  The light makes the images come alive.   Backlighting works well with leaves and flowers because of their transluscence.  I had less appealing results whenContinue reading “WPC: SATURATION”