frederic mistral

Show me your love not with a crown of roses
or a bowl of carnations which soon become food
for worms once their fragrance dies. Neither
give me promises of galaxies and garnets
and diamonds. I am no queen and have no use
for such treasures that I would have to check in
at death’s door. Instead, let your hand be in mine
assuring me, in my life’s journey, I am not
alone. Let your arms be my home, my comfort,
and warmth after a long day’s toil. Do not fade in
and out of my life like a shadow soul, lacking
substance; be my soulmate here and ever after.

pink roses

Linking with DVERSE’s Open Link Night
Written using the prompts for Instagram’s @fallspoetry’s  #JanuaryFalls2019: A bowl of carnations, Galaxies and garnets, and Shadow Soul



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