This is a section of Pleasant River that runs through Gulf Hagus In ME.  We had to fjord the river to get to the other side of the camp which connects to the Maine-end of the Appalachian Trail.

There’s the stillness of the river when no wind blows
and the stillness of a river knowing how deep its water goes

There’s the stillness of the night when the world is at rest
and the stillness of dawn just before daylight breaks

There’s the stillness of a hunter just before he attacks
and the stillness of a deer before the bullet cracks

There’s the stillness of a heart certain of its path
and the stillness of a heart that has given up

I may have had all at certain times in my life
and still there is one that I desire –

the stillness of a soul whose pride has been shed
to fill it with the life of the Incarnate Word.


camp hagus scene
One of my favorite scenery in Camp Hagus, ME.

For DVERSE’s Shed Some Light on This Today Prompt   

and VJ’s Weekly Challenge #32:  Stillness 

22 thoughts on “STILLNESS

  1. “the stillness of a soul whose pride has been shed” – a line that resonates deeply with me. I love the images you have painted, and how stillness occurs in different moments. Thanks for joining in. You are welcome as often as you are inspired to participate.

  2. You dsecribed stillness on so many levels in this poem, Imelda. There’s stillness all around us and also, inside of us. I like how you alluded to the fact that stillness can be so peaceful, but also a tad lonely. Thanks for writing and sharing 🙂

  3. Loved your Poem . I share your name, write poetry in Maltese ( my language) and have one called stillness too. Twin souls?

    1. Hello, my fellow Imelda. 😀 Of course, u remember you. There’s only so many of us with the same name. I was looking for your blog before but I could not see any link in your profile. Feel free to share with ya, there is a translate feature for us who cannot speak your language. It will be nice to be in touch. Maybe, we share more things aside from a name. 😃

  4. Oh my….the stanza about the deer and the hunter took my breath away! You’ve described suc beauty in the river’s stillness, in the night and the dawn…and I am floating right there with you in your words and then…crack! The deer and the hunter.
    And a beautiful statement of faith at the end.

  5. It is indeed. It is in a quite remote area, you need to travel miles of dirt road, cross wood bridges to get there. There is also no cell reception in the general area. But it is pristine and the more adventurous can camp and fish and other fun stuff. 😊

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