Pond with Gazebo, Slater Park, RI

No one could have been happier than me last Sunday afternoon when we went to a park for our family’s usual Sunday walk.  I spied a rather big pond while we were looking for a parking slot.  As soon as I could, I begged my leave to go to the pond (with my toddler in tow) hoping that I would find swans.   I was a child in a candy shop when I beheld a pair of swans on the far edge of a pond where a gazebo stood.   It was a scene out of a fairy tale was what I thought.   After going around the pond and taking not less than a dozen photos, my son and I went to the bike path where the rest of the family went.  There, we met my husband coming back from the end of the path and he told me about a place teeming with swans farther down the path.

elusive beauty
ever waiting round the bend
teasing the spirit
lights up the fire of hope
the quest is consolation

Bike Path in Slater Park

My toddler and I went up and down the rolling and curvy terrain following the course of the  river.  After a mile or so, we heard the honking of swans down in the river but lamented the lack of access to the river banks.   The sun was going down and the woods were getting darker, I was tired and torn between going a bit further or going back.   I plodded on, encouraged by the flap of wings and the splash on the water, until half a mile later, I found a gap in the trees and a good view of the river below, and the most magical place I ever saw –

 A bevy of swans
reveling in the water
pristine elegance
within the cacophony
casting a spell on autumn

A River of Swans. These are just a fraction of what I saw.


I was mesmerized.  I wished I could have stayed  on that spot a little longer watching the swans and enjoying the peacefulness of a perfect autumn day until twilight swallowed everything I wanted to see.  The voice of my little son kept me grounded and my older boys came to tell me it was time to go home.

Autumn wears her colors
swans raise their young without fear
in the wilderness
nature unfolds her splendor
reflecting in grateful hearts.

The Swans, once more, this time through my phone’s lens.


Paula’s Thursday Special:  Fall

Daily Post:  Cacophony (those swans  were surely noisy)

In this post, I was trying out Tanka Prose.

Happy day to you all. 🙂


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