Mist blankets
the sleeping river
like the veil
to a bride
that shelters her mystery
against vulgar eyes.

River wakes
and yields her shadows
to the light
breaking through
her still waters to draw out
the beauty within.

Colors burst
above and below.
the glow of an autumn day
while the river sighs.

I have been trying to write a poem to link up with any of DVERSE’s prompts for this week.  But words have not been forthcoming.  I am glad there is this form – shadorma – to help me focus on an idea and to organize the jumble of words in my head.  Even then, I finished after the Open Link Prompt closed.  However, I am very glad to be able to break my involuntary blogging break.

Happy weekend to all.  I can’t believe we are closer to the end of October than to its beginning.

WPC:  GLOW The above photos were taken on a rather dreary day.  But cloudy or not,  autumn colors make a day glow somehow.


6 thoughts on “AUTUMN RIVER

  1. I thought this was a quiet, peaceful poem for autumn, Imelda. Love the last line ‘while the river sighs’. I guess when it gets closer to winter, a lot of us miss the warmth and sun. Very well articulated. Agree, can’t believe we’re already closer to the end of October. Felt like the month has just started 😀 Wishing you well and have a good week 🙂

  2. What a great piece of fall imagery! You have a true gift with your ability frame words in the way that you do. I look forward to reading more of your work. Here is an excerpt from one of my pieces from my eBook of poetry:

    Ocean like calmness exudes when you release inner conflict.
    And replace complacent based logic with a replenished conscious…
    Filled with thoughts of promise and ideals of never stopping.
    Set goals…Conquer…Then move on to the next conquest.
    Limits should never be mentioned when seeking progress.
    Deterrents can cause rifts but important to remain confident.
    Always have a vision. What you see is what you can get.
    Never claim to lack the depth to aspire for great accomplishments…
    Potentials can produce wonders when we learn to harness them.
    Never hesitate to move by the beat of your own drum.
    Seize more than the moment…
    Embrace greatness and strive to shatter the laws of complacency.
    A wise man once told me…
    “Nothing Comes to a Sleeper But a Dream.”

    Thanks again for sharing! I hope you get a chance to follow me:

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