I was told
– everyone has a perfect match
like a pot
with a missing lid
I just had to wait
for my match to be found
years and years I waited
still he did not come

I was told
– be the best you can be
perfect for the one you’re looking for
I did and still
he did not come

I was told
– be patient
– don’t settle
-perhaps you’re too picky

I stopped listening
I learned to be happy
as I am

Then –
when I was not looking
or hoping
he came along –
a single e-mail
turned to long conversations
to mutual discovery
to love and love
to our commitment of a lifetime.



10 thoughts on “PERFECT MATCH

  1. The good things always come when we are not looking for them. How unexpected. Can be a pleasant surprise too, like a treat 😊 As you alluded to at the end, relationships take time 😊🍹

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