I was told – everyone has a perfect match somewhere like a pot with a missing lid I just had to wait for my match to be found years and years I waited still he did not come I was told – be the best you can be perfect for the one you’re looking forContinue reading “PERFECT MATCH”


This rose has been too long in the sun Her edges are getting dry Gone are her petals’ velvety shine in its stead are the unsightly lines that no doubt say she’s past her prime. Her thorns get sharper as they wither Her fragrance betrays the odor of decay Will she remain the treasured flowerContinue reading “WILL YOU?”


Gone is the beauty that marked your days Gone with the petals that now fade Gone is your fragrance that caressed many hearts Gone like a shadow that faded in the dark Gone are the friends that sang your praises Gone are they to chase other pursuits Gone are the toils so you can liveContinue reading “TO A DYING ROSE”