I have sung all the lullabies I know. I have told and re-told his favorite stories. My voice is tired, my eyelids droop, and still, my toddler wiggles and squiggles in my arms. He would not sleep. I pray a silent prayer, he pokes my lips driving his little finger against my teeth. My disapprovingContinue reading “A LULLABY NIGHT”

CATERPILLAR (Tanka for WPC: Waiting)

Waiting for how long a caterpillar endures darkness of cocoon holding on to the promise imprinted in its essence Magic in due time rewards the patient labor Metamorphosis reveals the inner grandeur honoring humility WPC:  Waiting  

SPRING (A Quadrille)

Spring is         overrated.        It is melting snow and dirt muddying up the ground; puny greens pushing out with their leafy might. Could I help hasten the process – make flowers bloom faster than they should? Waiting is a burden yielding its fruit in due season. DVERSE POETS QUADRILLEContinue reading “SPRING (A Quadrille)”


I was told – everyone has a perfect match somewhere like a pot with a missing lid I just had to wait for my match to be found years and years I waited still he did not come I was told – be the best you can be perfect for the one you’re looking forContinue reading “PERFECT MATCH”