fallen-applesThis fallen seed is the hope of winter
carrier of life in its death
breath secreted in the frozen womb
tomb concealing its rebirth.
Mirth bides its time to spring
Ringing bells peal the resurrection hymn
Poems immortalize the glorious dawn
when mourning veils are lifted.
Afflicted hearts soar to the heavens
Incense perfume the air once more
Store in the hearts this promise:
This fallen seed is the hope of winter.

The photo, by Pauline Eccles,  is the inspiration for this poetry prompt by Jane DOugherty - Circles and Cycles.  I wrote a second one after the first piece that I made for this prompt turned out to be not a circular poem.  Somehow, I missed some important part of the instructions on how to write a proper circular poem.  I am glad for the mistake though because I got another chance to write another piece.  :-)

17 thoughts on “THE FALLEN SEED

  1. Imelda,
    I’m sorry, I do not know English and do not understand your lyrics. Do you have beautiful photos, you take pictures with similar themes as me. Daniela

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