This fallen seed is the hope of winter carrier of life in its death breath secreted in the frozen womb tomb concealing its rebirth. Mirth bides its time to spring Ringing bells peal the resurrection hymn Poems immortalize the glorious dawn when mourning veils are lifted. Afflicted hearts soar to the heavens Incense perfume theContinue reading “THE FALLEN SEED”

WILD TRIP (for DVerse Poets Pub)

My disembodied head spins a whirlwind going nowhere upwards here and there cackling greets my arms pulling it down the harder I try the faster it spirals towards the sky beyond the clouds exalting at the shroud lifting from Eden’s gate Angelic songs serenade its wake A cry rose and peeled my eyes off heaven’sContinue reading “WILD TRIP (for DVerse Poets Pub)”


    Since I anointed my Lord with nard from the alabaster jar I had been subject to ridicule from the apostles, of all people. How dare I waste such perfume to wash their own Master’s feet when it could have been sold for the poor’s benefit! But, could anything be too precious for Jesus,Continue reading “WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER JAR”


The King of Heaven disdained earthly comforts when He came on a bed of straw He laid and gave poverty a holy name. No liveried servant was at his birth Joseph and Mary gave Him warmth No purer hands could have served the King of kings upon this earth. No earthly bard announced His presenceContinue reading “WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN”


There may be no ornaments to deck the hall nor presents ┬áunder the tree Yet it will still be Christmas it is of things the eyes cannot see. The air may ring with laughter or hearts may overflow with tears Yet ┬áChristmas is sure to dawn bringing hope to allay ┬áthe fears. The world mayContinue reading “CHRISTMAS IS COMING”