yellow maple
The wind plays Autumn's hymn
Plaintive floating in the air
above the treetops
Through fields
Of plump pumpkins
And golden grains.
Above the clouds
There flows
The staccato call of departing geese
While down below 
the laden trees
drum their fruit against the solid earth.
Then at last the russet leaves
join the swelling symphony
humming their rustling tune
while pirouetting down to memory.
when all but the naked trees are gone
and cold, dark silence reigns - 
the wind plays Autumn's hymn.
This is the photo prompt for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge #48: Circles and Cycles. The picture is by Pauline Eccles.


For this poetry prompt, Jane wants us to write a circular poem - one which ends the way it began.

17 thoughts on “AUTUMN’S HYMN

    1. Thanks. I wrote the first draft of the poem a week or so ago to respond to Daily Post’s Melody prompt. Somehow, I could not pull it through. When I saw your prompt, I also saw the chance to rework this poem and find a way to make it work (first as a circular poem, which this did not turn out to be, but at least a completed piece. šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Victoria. Upon checking with Jane, however, I learned that this is NOT the way to do a circular poem. I should be reading directions more intently.

  1. Golden grains. That phrase rolls off the tongue nicely. Love how you always do that with your poetry šŸ™‚ Pumpkins remind me of Halloween which is coming up for you šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Anita. Although a word of caution – this is not how a circular poem is written. I missed Jane’s instructions on how to make one. šŸ™‚

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