The fairest flow’r of spring has sprung from the earth, where once it was entombed but by miracle had become that fallen seed’s nurturing womb. In the calm of a breaking dawn, the fairest flow’r of spring has sprung to break the curse winter had wrought on the once desolate wasteland. And all the earthContinue reading “RESURRECTION”


This fallen seed is the hope of winter carrier of life in its death breath secreted in the frozen womb tomb concealing its rebirth. Mirth bides its time to spring Ringing bells peal the resurrection hymn Poems immortalize the glorious dawn when mourning veils are lifted. Afflicted hearts soar to the heavens Incense perfume theContinue reading “THE FALLEN SEED”


DVERSE Poets’ featured form is the Ghazal.  The Ghazal is an Arabic poetry that originated in the 6th century.  To my ears, it has the rhythm of a tolling bell.  The Ghazal has its unique rhyming and metering scheme which I do not think I accomplished.  But I had to try anyway….  For  better examplesContinue reading “BEYOND THE GRAVE (My Poor Ghazal)”