Bluets sweeten our spring visit to Maine.   It is always a delight to see the little white clumps of flowers amidst the sea of green.  It is amazing that though very little, they still manage to stand out and be noticed.  When I stoop down low to take a close look and snap some photos, I notice the busy activity surrounding these flowers – little flies flit about the flowers.  Against the afternoon light, it was not to imagine those little insects as fairies dancing around the flowers.

but the wildflowers

thriving wherever they scatter

meeting hostile hands


The fields were mowed after a few days of our arrival.  Fortunately, the lawnmower spared the areas close to the dirt road and bluets growing there survived.  There are happy flower clusters that welcome the occasional cars passing by.

stars in the night skies

bluet sprays on where feet trod

God-given grandeur


WPC:  SPARE (These bluets are what remained after the rains and the recent lawnmowing. 🙂

7 thoughts on “WPC: SPARE

  1. Amazing shots of the bluets, Imelda. Beautiful close ups. Good to hear they were spared by the lawnmower. The “fairies” have a reason to come back and dance again 🙂

  2. So glad some of those gorgeous bluets survived…and fairies dancing the night away, bringing magic to our lives! Beautiful photos and poetry Imelda 🙂

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