Teacup and petals

The teacups rest in the cupboard
wishing for those days long gone
when friends gathered round the table
filling moments with laughter and songs.

Days came, days went, dreams led our step
to different paths. “Until then,”
we said, believing that distance
is determined solely in miles

while our hearts remained entwined.
If the miles are not bridged again
will our shared memories keep
our kinship strong? From afar

we can hope that we are the same
friends  we were from ages ago.
The teacups rest in the cupboard
waiting to prove our friendship true.


For dVerse Poets’ Poetics:  Unintended Farewell

15 thoughts on “UNTIL THEN

  1. Such a beautiful poem, Imelda. Love how you entwined teacups, love and friendship all into it. So carefully and cleverly done. “will our shared memories keep our kinship strong” Such a good question. People come and go in our lives, and sometimes we would rather that not happen. I’ve been there quite a few times, and looking back at the memories, they make me feel better 🙂

  2. SMiles.. i never truly
    became a friend
    until i became
    a friend
    of me..
    and truly
    i FeeL we muSt
    all lEarn to bE
    our own
    too.. as everyone
    needs this assistance..:)

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