This image is from Magpie Tales and it is the picture prompt for Magpie Tales 205. Click the photo to get to Magpie and read fabulous responses to the prompt. 🙂 Thank you.

It’s a Friday afternoon.
Her ears are tuned
to the ticking of the clock.
Something inside her wakes
brings out the smile
and the twinkle in her eyes
caught the last rays of sunshine.
She is a butterfly
soon out of her cocoon.
She will break free
of her restraints
sing out loud
even out of key
dance with abandon,
and care not who sees
Her world is new
like the first day of spring
and she’ll take it all in
to fill herself up
with wonderful dreams
to take with her
to Monday morning.


For MAGPIE TALES.  Happy weekend to you all.


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