PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)

Do not put me on a pedestal nothing in that little space is real there, all my sins and all my virtues shine bright depending on the viewer’s eyes. It is lonely at the top separated from  humanity’s pulse while longing for a kindred heart to toast victories, to mourn failures. No, do not holdContinue reading “PEDESTAL (for Magpie Tales)”


ESCAPE (for WPC: Habit)

ESCAPE   Sunday afternoon I know she’ll be there seeking solace from the chaos in her mind staring at the pond at nowhere her past catching up with her Among the geese and the swans she finds love and freedom flying into the sun. ~~~~~~ For  this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – HABIT.   That sheContinue reading “ESCAPE (for WPC: Habit)”


The lure of the stars she could resist no more she unfolded her wings and set out to fly though strong arms pinned her to the floor. “The journey’s dangerous, stay where you are” to their pleading voices, she learned to reply the lure of the stars she could resist no more. Towards   gatheringContinue reading “FREEDOM”


Words built her a prison where walls are mirrors distorting the reflections of her own soul. Long has she languished in half-truths, fear, even shame drowning in  despair will she see light again?  When tired of being oppressed she’ll fight to be free as  a butterfly in a cocoon she’ll burst forth and spread herContinue reading “BUTTERFLY”


The musky moon melted into the clouds envious of the lovers’ lips and liberties entwined as passion punctuated the passing night they threaded time in their fevered hands. Freely did they let freedom fly to find its home – hearts that have and hold, and hope in love lasting longer than their lives allowed. ~~~~~Continue reading “ENTWINED”