Red RoseGone is the beauty that marked your days
Gone with the petals that now fade
Gone is your fragrance that caressed many hearts
Gone like a shadow that faded in the dark
Gone are the friends that sang your praises
Gone are they to chase other pursuits
Gone are the toils so you can live and bloom
Gone too is the pain from your thorns

Gone are they like a thief in the night
like all that breathed and lived this life
they marched to death from the very start
Though briefly their memories will linger
as long as there are souls who remember
Gone, all will be, into oblivion
unless they find life in Heaven’s bosom.


Written for dVERSE POETS PUBS’ Anaphora prompt.

Thank you for coming by.


28 thoughts on “TO A DYING ROSE

  1. it’s good to remember that we only have a certain time on this earth…with all the scents and beauty and thorns…good if we leave footprints that will linger on a bit when we’re gone…

  2. truth there in the end…age catches us all…touches us all…we lose things…but too i think we gain things as time goes on…and we have a limited number of days for sure…yet no idea when it will end…nicely done…

  3. Yes, the repetition of “gone” does lend a dramatic touch to the poem. This is a thought that lingers with me as I age…and one we need to keep in mind. So glad you shared this.

    1. Thanks, Jamie. 🙂 As for that green thumb, the camera only sees what it wants to see and what it wants others to see. :-)) Seriously, it is often a hit or miss with me. Some plants grow well, some just don’t thrive at all. 🙂

  4. Beautiful, Imelda. A tender reminder that the clock ticketh away, year by year, hour by hour. So often it takes a jolt to our well-being (like illness or death of a loved one) for us to fully believe we are, indeed, not immortal. Excellent.

  5. This reminds me of my fading red roses ~ Love the gone refrain and was lifted by the hope of the last line ~ Have a lovely weekend ~

  6. Soulful, moving, touching post. It’s hard to say good bye to someone or something so beautiful, full of life and love. Where ever they are, they their smiles and laughter will forever be alive in our hearts.

  7. What a beautiful poem. I, too, like the repetition and the metaphor. While ever they are remembered , they are alive in some way.
    I love the beauty in dying flowers and have photographed many very fading beauties. 🙂

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