Yay! The sun had not been too kind these last few days.  We’ve had high 80’s and it’s just the beginning of summer.  However, while I (who should be used to the humid temperatures, having spent most of my life in tropical Philippines) did not relish the heat, the roses exalted in it.


Try as I might to write a verse or two,  I just could not finish my thoughts.

Frederic Mistral

Thank God for the camera.


It allows the recording and sharing of beauty and happy thoughts without need for words.



So, here is me wishing you a beautiful day.  Thank you for making this a cheerful place.  My special thanks to you all who joined me in this little adventure called My Wall. 🙂

Mary Magdalene

In case you wonder, friends, all of these roses are scented.  Frederic Mistral is the most fragrant of the lot, followed by Velvet Fragrance, then Ebb Tide.  Fragrance is one of  reasons for my choice of rose plants.  My apologies to those who believe otherwise, but I am of the opinion that a rose should not only delight the eye but the nose as well. 🙂



16 thoughts on “ROSES

  1. Stunning shots Imelda and I must agree with you, it’s not nice when it’s so hot. I can’t stand it either. Hope it’s a better day today. 😀 *hugs*

  2. The roses are so beautiful, Imelda .. great photos! I instantly smiled when I read the name of one of them, “Westerland”. It’s the name of a quite “famous” holiday resort on the isle of Sylt in the North Sea where I spent several summer holidays as a child, and where I learned to love the ocean …

    In Germany it’s quite cold..we had even considered to turn on the heating 😉

  3. Beautiful photos. I love roses. I, too, am one who believes a rose is not truly a rose if it’s scent is missing. Commercial roses have become such a disappointment. I want to be reminded of my mother’s rose garden! Thank you.

  4. How wonderful it is to have all these luscious roses in your garden! One of my rose bushes died this spring. I’m not sure what happened, but I’ll need to replace it soon. 😦

  5. These roses are suitable for an open, north facing wall or other shady position. Again, they will require four hours or more of sun each day.

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