Sigh! This challenge reminded me of this popular song from the 1990’s.  It came from a very popular movie too.

Near, far, wherever you are 
I believe that the heart does go on 
Once more you open the door 
And you’re here in my heart 
And my heart will go on and on …

Ooops, I am so sorry if you are not a fan and I just put an earworm in your head.  Just to be fair, it is already in my head too. Oh dear.

But if by chance, you do not know it, I ask you:  “Where have you been?”  I envy you though.  You were spared the invasive tune and voice of Celine Dion.  I like some of her songs though – this one just overstayed its welcome.  In my opinion. 🙂

And to respond to the challenge that brought back this recollection –

This shot was taken from Lake Rico –  Massasoit State Park. It is a beautiful park with picnic areas, trails and fishing grounds. …


It is great place for boating too. During our visit, we saw recreational boaters and some serious rowers.


Oh!  I just realized that this photo is the happy version of the movie where the earworm the song came from.  🙂

Thanks  all for bearing with my absurd humor.  The cake-flavored vodka laced soda did it!   And i just had a couple of sips…

For more of the Weekly Photo Challenge, please visit here. 🙂  This week, the guest ‘challenger’ is Mr.  Brian Cooney.  He gives tips on how to get horizon shots.

Have a beautiful day.



  1. These pictures are gorgeous. I clicked on them and saw them in original size. The song is beautifully sung, only overplayed, in my opinion. I don’t think there’s many people who don’t know of it! 🙂

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