There was a little boy
who so wanted to fish
his father bought him a fish pole
the cheapest one there is.

It brought sighs of longing
the pole remained unused
summer is almost over
“will I ever fish?” the boy mused.

Then one day in September
when Daddy said “Let’s go!”
Off the family went
to find fish in  Lake Rico.

But in the Park where the lake was
they got too distracted
ripening red cranberrries
had them fascinated.

Soon they escaped from  the bog’s spell
and headed for the water
The older boys walked on the trail
Daddy lugged baby and stroller.

Up and down the hills they went
the little boys pranced about
they slipped and then they fell
yet they let out happy shouts

and when they needed to heed
that good old nature’s call
Nature itself offered them refuge
from prying eyes and all.

(Well, I do apologize
for digressing a bit
seeing them in the wild
was quite the amusement.)

Then after almost an eternity
they were by the lake at last
Old hands showed them a place
where their fish fly may be cast.

The kids ran to the water
after putting on their suits
While Daddy prepared the rod
and tested how it worked.

All eyes were fixed on him
when he let the string fly
they waited with bated breath –
no fish was caught. Oh sigh!

The children all had their turn
at reeling in the rod
the boy who dreamed to fish
didn’t turn out so bad.

But perhaps the noise we made
drove all the fish away
because after so many tries
a mussel’s all he caught that day.

~  THE END  ~

_____________________ _________

AILSA’s theme this week is RED. Meanwhile, Island Traveler’s Weekly Image of Life focuses on Discovery.  

This post – by the red fish pole, no less 😉 – is the  account of our trip to Massasoit State Park, which is a revelation, in many ways for us.  We discovered this beauty near us and the joy of fishing too.   😉 I have posted one or two photos of views from the lake here and here and here are more to complete the account of our trip. Hop on to Ailsa’s page for gorgeous takes on RED, and to Island Traveler’s for more takes on the joys of discovery. .  Thank you for coming over.  I hope you enjoy the little silly fun I had with the story. 🙂


17 thoughts on “TRAVEL THEME: RED

    1. Thank you, Adinparadise. Yeah, a mussel. It ‘bit’ the bait. It was more than enough to make the kids happy though. 🙂 What a thrill for them 🙂

  1. Lovely story!!! These memories will be forever embedded in their lives. They will be forever grateful to both of you. Just as I am with my parents. During trying or quiet times ,thinking of the time spent with my parents always perks me up. Continue on Ime to do what you are doing – indeed the Lord contnues to bless and honor the desires of your heart. Thank you for being an inspiration .

    1. Naty!!! Salamat for visiting this page. Sana nga, maraming happy memories itong mga bata tungkol sa paglaki nila. Lagi kong ikinakatuwa ang bonding mo sa family mo, and those of my other friends as well. Salamat sa encouragement at sa halimbawa ng family mo. 🙂 God bless you, sister.

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