My words refuse to be written or said. They disappear as soon as I try to trap them on paper. I cry that I have no poem to capture the beauty, both seen and unseen. Then I saw the flowers  blooming and  I knew where  words have been  nestling. I am sad to learn thatContinue reading “FLOWERS ARE POEMS”


  I hear the sun rustling in the woods stepping softly on the soggy ground She kisses the sleeping buds and whispers, “Wake up, my sleeping child.” Fire-breasted robins call in the wind as they flit and hop from limb to limb while scarlet cardinal puffs up its chest to serenade the one to ruleContinue reading “AWAKENING”


The morning air was sweet with the songs of birds back from their winter retreat Atop the beech tree, I saw the blue and white of blue jays I was quite in awe to see four birds all at once Have they caught their worms to party like old friends? But then, quick as winkContinue reading “EARLY BIRDS”


Your silhouette mesmerizes me It goads me to hold your face to turn you toward the light How would you compare to the shadow that bewitched my mind? Should I live with your illusory beauty and find delight in my imaginings or should I risk the truth of revealing light?   Two weeks ago, IContinue reading “SILHOUETTE”


  The morning sang a lovely tune I’ve not heard in a while Light through the window panes cast a magical time. Off the bed, I bounced landing on waltzing feet. At last I had the gift I asked a quiet night, a restful sleep. Finally, I got to write a little poem again.  ItContinue reading “A NEW DAY”


Two Sundays ago, my little son and I went for a walk to the city Green to watch the Christmas display. While admiring the gigantic Santa statue, two strangers approached us. The first man was somebody we met earlier on our way to the Green and who expressed pleasure at seeing us again. Meanwhile, IContinue reading “SANTA CLAUS OF THE STREETS”

CATERPILLAR (Tanka for WPC: Waiting)

Waiting for how long a caterpillar endures darkness of cocoon holding on to the promise imprinted in its essence Magic in due time rewards the patient labor Metamorphosis reveals the inner grandeur honoring humility WPC:  Waiting  


Summer, soft on its skin Shimmers, golden sunshine Snared, glows in the petals Starred with velvet brown eyes. Sonorous breeze courts her Seductive dance, my arms Spellbound, embrace her charms. I think that a sunflower is a study in texture.  The softness of the petals contrasts with the bumpy center and rough, even prickly sepals.Continue reading “SUNFLOWERS (WPC: Textures)”


Feeling a raindrop, the droopy leaf Expelled a sigh of deep relief And stretched forth its palms As a beggar begs his alms As raindrops pooled on its skin It bid the bugs to drink and swim And the raindrop lit up and glistened while it let the sunshine in only to scatter the lightContinue reading “AFTER THE RAINS”


Build a home Layer by layer First of love Then prayer Make the pillar strong Roof stable To shelter Offspring to love born Helpless souls blessing home With graces untold Years go by Fledglings fly In the empty nest Life goes on.   WPC:  DELTA