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Love blooms unbidden

smiling upon the world

no word need be spoken

for it to be understood.

Love in full bloom

bares its very soul

without art nor adornment

but love heeding love’s call. 

Love loves

with all of its breath

as a flower blooms

’til the last petal’s spent.

Then all the more they grow

in Memory’s thankful breast. 

The rose in this post is a  Tamora rose, a David Austin rose.  I did not plant the bush.  It came with the house.  It was one of the bushes  that was mowed down by the seller when the latter cleaned the yard.   Happily, the plant came back and its name tag was still on the ground.   The bush does not grow tall.  The flowers are very pretty and fragrant, but the stems are very thorny.  Under ideal circumstances, the plant should be covered by flowers and the leaves should be bright and glossy and full.  But even in its trying condition in our backyard. it manages to give plenty of flowers.  I am sure this plant will be more than happy to receive better care from me. 😀

My my, it is another scorching day hereabouts.  I am looking forward to that forecasted rain.

Have a great day.


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22 thoughts on “LOVE BLOOMS

  1. Love both the photography and the poem — especially the thoughts about
    Love loves
    with all of its breath
    as a flower blooms
    ’til the last petal is spent.

    Thanks for sharing…

    1. Hi Campanulladelaanna. 🙂
      Thank you very very much for the recognition you gave my blog. Your appreciation means a lot and is much appreciated. I will try to make the corresponding post in the near future. 🙂
      My best regards to you. 🙂

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