We are still away from home and I am missing home (although I am enjoying the lack of activity and the shared responsibility as far as supervising children goes). There is no better ‘distraction’ than grandma and grandpa. 🙂 I took most of these pictures before we left for our spring visit to my in-laws.Continue reading “PEONIES FOR YOU”


Here are some Tequila Sunrise rose photos for your enjoyment, dear friends. Just a little story. In December, when my husband and children were putting the outdoor lights around one of the evergreens by our porch, one of them stepped on this rose plant and broke the main branch. I did not not make tooContinue reading “TEQUILA SUNRISE”


Marking the boundary between our place and our neighbor’s is a flowering tree. It bears white flowers or arcing stems. The flowers are moderately fragrant and they bloom in the latter part of spring. Unfortunately, I do not know its name. A couple of years ago, I saw a similar plant in a nursery andContinue reading ““W” FOR WHITE FLOWERS”


I think that of all the flowering tress of spring, the ornamental cherry blossoms give the prettiest flower. well, maybe, except for the Magnolia. I was so glad when I got to take a few photographs of its beautiful flowers in the school campus where my husband works. Here are some photos of these flowersContinue reading “CHERRY BLOSSOMS”

ORCHIDS for TRAVEL THEME: International Women’s Day

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, AILSA prompts us to post pictures that honor women or remind us of special women in our lives. I wanted to post rose pictures knowing that most, if not all women, love roses. Then, I realized that where I came from, there were more orchids than roses. There wasContinue reading “ORCHIDS for TRAVEL THEME: International Women’s Day”

ADELFA for CEE’s Fun Photo Challenge

My spring countdown continues with this flower post… 🙂 Cee’s challenge this week is any color we want.  I chose pink – for the Adelfa that I saw in Roger Williams Conservatory during our anniversary outing.  This flower is special to me – we had a tall plant when I was growing up.  It remindedContinue reading “ADELFA for CEE’s Fun Photo Challenge”


Foliage. I love them, especially in the early morning when they are moist with dew and the the latter catches the light of the rising sun. The photos of the rose leaves in this post were taken during that beautiful moment when the sun was barely up in the sky. The hostas, on the otherContinue reading “TRAVEL THEME: FOLIAGE”


For this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth, I am posting pictures of lichen and other fungus that grow on trees, dead or alive. I took these photos in mid-spring while on a vacation in Maine.  One day, we walked in the woods and I noticed how these growth made the trunks of the trees lookContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: GROWTH”