This garden of roses is my garden of sorrows thorns push against my skin drawing  blood in scarlet patterns. I wish I could remember the sweet fragrance, the velvet charm of the flowers, but pain overwhelms. I look to the heavens for deliverance. What will I be when my prayers are answered with silence? ThisContinue reading “THE GARDEN”


Plump Balloon flower buds ready to become stars glowing purple in the garden. Their dream stood no chance against eager little hands squeezing the pop out of the blossoms. Perhaps, it is not the flowers but the exploding giggles that are the real treasure.   ~~~~ My children look forward to Balloon Flowers.  They justContinue reading “BALLOON FLOWERS”


Ah! Bountiful garden you left me no room for idle wondering. When we came home from our two-week vacation last Wednesday, we were greeted with ripening tomatoes and peppers. The weather had been good during our absence. Rain came once a week. Immediately, I harvested the ripe fruits. That same afternoon, overcome by excitement, IContinue reading “GENEROUS GARDEN”


Summer is a rainbow of lilies abloom scenting the incense rising to ask for benediction of long awaited raindrops refreshing the soul. Wow! It’s been a full week since I last saw this blog.   I don’t know what it was but it seems the vacation bug hit me.   Well, it was little things – children’sContinue reading “LILIES (for WPC: SUMMER)”


Yes, where we are, the so-called Easter Lily plant blooms in July. The flowers shown in these pictures are from lily plants that we took home from the Church after the plants lost their flowers. Like any perennial, lilies come back at spring time. At around Easter, the plant was just a tiny spot ofContinue reading “EASTER LILIES IN JULY”


  The Hydrangeas are starting to bloom. Here in the North East, Hydrangeas make quite a show with their giant clusters of purple, pink, and light blue flowers. When we lived in an apartment, our landlord had a hydrangea bush that bloomed blue. I thought that it was so pretty that I took a cuttingContinue reading “(FUNNY) HYDRANGEA”


I spied roses in the store there were dozens of them in gorgeous colors I could not help myself but get close – after all, who could refuse the call of a rose even though I know I would be disappointed because roses elegant as they should be without their fragrance and thorns are butContinue reading “A ROSE IS A ROSE”

FOXGLOVE (for Travel Theme: Fresh)

Pockets full of dreams wrapped around the hands shield against the sting of a broken heart. When I took these photos, the Foxgloves (also known as Digitalis) just bloomed.  The first photo was extra fresh because it was taken just after a rain.  The second one was taken in the afternoon when the sun wasContinue reading “FOXGLOVE (for Travel Theme: Fresh)”