What if there were two moons
orbiting the earth
mirroring each other’s motion?

Will it be twice the magic
of soft moonbeams kissing one’s skin
twice the sighs
twice the dreams
whispered on moonlit nights?

I see twice the trouble
not so unlike a mother and father
always on collission

each gravitating for attention

swaying their child
to this way and that

pushing and pulling
until something snaps

Maybe, even a good thing can be just too much.


Last year, I read reports that the earth has two moons, the second one being much smaller than the one we are familiar  with.   It had me thinking about how life would be if  the second moon comes close to the dimensions of the first.


Poets United’s Midweek Motif – Moon

And because I will never know the answer (for sure), I am linking with Daily Post:  Inscrutable


  1. How easily our imagination moves what-ifs out of harmony and into collision! What if 2 moons meant correcting each other’s overbite so there are no more tsunamis? You’ve stimulated another poem, I think. Good, very good!

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