I was taking in the scene and atmosphere of the Renaissance Faire when I saw this flower lady. When the little girl approached her, the lady sat to chat with the little girl with that bright bright smile. I do not know now whether the child was buying flowers or asking about the bird, but I do know that they had a beautiful few minutes there.


Should you find a reason, however slight,
for my freedom – a sunbeam, a rose bud
or an “I love you” from your little child
set me free. Don’t hold me down with the might

of your burdens – those clothes to fold and wash
a sink full of dishes, voices that demand
all of you at once. It will cost you none
to let me out but the scowl in your eyes

that will perhaps give way to some brightness
to lift your spirits. Maybe then, you’ll find
joy in what you do. Do not remain blind
to the beauty of everyday just because

you feel down. Smile, smile as much as you can
Ah, such a simple thing, this victor’s crown.



26 thoughts on “SMILE

  1. Totally endearing. I would have watched that interaction between that little girl and the smiling woman with the same interest that you did. And so true about setting your smile free with abandon! Thanks for sharing, Imelda…I enjoyed this very much.
    Gayle ~

  2. Lovely inspiring poem. Imelda. It is so important to smile because that brings out positive energy πŸ™‚ Love, love, love that shot you took and your caption. It is a beautiful moment and I hope that the two of them had a great day after the encounter ❀

  3. Smiles can inspire …even poetry. Great message in your poem of looking for the light in simple moments of interaction.

    1. Thanks, Mish. Smiles are fascinating. Years ago, when I was having a rather bum day and while I was walking to work, I met a little girl in her mother’s arms and when she saw me, she smiled so beautifully. That carried me through the day.

  4. And this made me smile! The image, the poem, the thought of two people sharing such a moment that you were able to enjoy. Thank you for all of the smiles!

  5. So easy to get bogged down and tied up in the day-to-day drudgery. It’s amazing how it’s often the simplest little things that will lift your spirits — if you let them. You’ve captured that thought here perfectly with the poem, pic and posting. πŸ™‚

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