Regret looks backward, wishing nothing more than to undo what has been said and done, to choose with eyes the years have made wiser if placed before the same crossroads again. What difference could a second have made? What destiny could a moment have unfurled? But time flows onwards sweeping in its tides the pathsContinue reading “WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN”


No sad sighs, no footfalls stir the silence of their resting place tucked in a forest, in the shade of sheltering evergreens. Their weathered tombstones lean under the stress of remembering through the passing years the memories carved on their moss-stained faces. For them, no one’s been left to shed some tears or be movedContinue reading “FORGOTTEN”


~~~~~ Your pictures don’t have all the memories Some of them are on my skin lined and stained by a dozen crayons wielded by hands Who are yet to learn their ABCs. A doorframe upstairs would have summaries Of years of growing the children have had Counted by inches, a hue for each child ’tilContinue reading “MEMORIES ON THE WALL”


Another daffodil, another spring. The world turns and turns again and again. What is new gets old; what was once old is new going round in circles- is that all we do? Day in and day out, we pursue a dream and once it was achieved, we start again. Can this world offer something thatContinue reading “ANOTHER DAFFODIL”


No. Let’s not talk about what used to be your marriage, and how it had gone under the weight of Her affairs, based on whispers just for your ears. They are all that you see. Please stop talking about His ill temper or his jealous nature. They are quite clear to everyone who has beenContinue reading “BROKEN”