Already, spring is halfway done. It was not so long ago when I was anxiously waiting for the thaw, the warming up, and the budding of the leaves and flowers. The spring trees have all bloomed and gone and the temperatures say that summer is nearby.

How quickly, how quickly time goes by.

The glorious sunrise
dissipates into darkness
for a new morning


A couple of weeks ago, my two sons celebrated their 11th and 7th birthdays respectively. The older one labels himself a tween, while the younger one begins to dream. “Daddy, I will be a Daddy like you when I am older,” he would say.


My husband says it’s not too long before our eldest leaves home for college, and then for always. I shudder to think of the time when our children go on their own and leave our home quiet. I feel sad knowing that a time will come when we will no longer celebrate holidays and special occasions together. But, that is just how it is.

Cherry blossoms show
petals strewn across the skies
grateful for their time



  1. Such beautiful photographs and thoughts. The time with children does fly. Our oldest was just able to drive on his own yesterday. I felt a little sad as he pulled away that his time in our nest is fleeting.

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