The Samurai

In the basement, cold and dark
a mighty and evil dragon lurked
against him, warriors in battle armor were arrayed
coming  from all races, they united

to vanquish the monster once and for all
whose fiery breath had taken its toll
upon the world cursed with this menace
from its wings hovered a death sentence.

The battlefields were watered with blood
where brave soldiers lay lifeless and charred
those who remained, bold and brave
carried  out one last  desperate stand.

Hearts throbbed louder than the drums
rallying the troops to flag and arms
sweat poured as rain that frozen day
eyes were grim, fixed on their prey

Then flapping wings thundered in the skies
heroes and villains shouted battlecries
but more and more fell from the defenders’ ranks
they’d been surrounded on all flanks

A samurai stood between victory and defeat
will his sword slay the dragon, will he retreat?

“Play your cards well, Son,” the father said
“lest Mommy steals the game from your hand.”



The poem was written for  DVERSE POETS’ PUB in response to Brian’s challenge for a story in poetic form.   The above photos are figures from Heroscape – a game that my game-loving husband got last Christmas.

I am also linking with WPC:  Juxtaposition.  For after all, isn’t juxtaposition, at times, like putting together opposing forces?  How about this, one army versus another, one champion against the other? 🙂

Thank you for coming by. 🙂


27 thoughts on “A GAME

  1. haha fun game….do they still make heroscape? my son would love it but he was too young when i saw it all the time and maybe i just havent noticed it anymore…nice reveal there in the end…ha….fantasy is one of my fav genre of games and books….

  2. oh that sounds like much fun…love the figures as well… wouldn’t it be cool to not only play them on a computer game but lying on the floor with the real figures..what fun

  3. There is nothing like THIS kind of family fun. It is wonderful when families can interact in THIS way. Admittedly, I am not familiar with “Heroscape,” but it sounds like fun.

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