For this challenge, I sought inspiration from my sons’ Skylanders characters.  I spent my free time last night posing these little dolls, ah, action figures.  I had fun like I never had with this action figures before (my children would sometimes  invite me to play but I get dizzy following the visuals so I giveContinue reading “WPC: OBJECT”


In the basement, cold and dark a mighty and evil dragon lurked against him, warriors in battle armor were arrayed coming  from all races, they united to vanquish the monster once and for all whose fiery breath had taken its toll upon the world cursed with this menace from its wings hovered a death sentence.Continue reading “A GAME”


We used to hide among the mango  trees here and there,  behind Lolo Teban’s storehouse. We saved ourselves from being ‘it’ on that coconut tree by our gate. But the winds blew them all away and the floods washed our place clean except for the debris left in their wake. Oh! Look at those littleContinue reading “GONE”


“Is your homework done?” Mama asked of Wendell. “I can’t do it.” He whined. “I don’t have a pencil.” “Don’t just sit there and cry. That pencil won’t come to you. Solve your problem my child. It is quite simple to do.” Wendell then closed his eyes. He let his thoughts run wild. I thinkContinue reading “THE PENCIL QUEST”