I have been meaning to continue the story that began with this post and continued here and here but my family and I  have been mostly in and out this summer that I could not focus on the story.  That I discovered Grimm did not help because I found myself watching its entire season in Hulu.  Now that I’ve caught up with the latest episode and have nothing more to watch, so far, I was able to push the story a bit.  At least, I hope so. 🙂  I do want to see where this little project goes.

Thanks to  Trifecta  for the prompt:  “heart, i.e.,   personality, disposition”.  I got an anchor for the installment.   

Let me just give this brief background.  The story is set in a place called Valetta an island which is essentially a garbage dump.  Darion, a scavenger boy,  found a carousel to which he instantly got attached to.   Instead of showing the find to his friends, Bandar, et. al., he ran home.  There, Abuelo told him to return the carousel to where he found it because it would bring them bad luck.  However, Abuelo relented and instead helped Darion keep it in a secure place.    Bandar and company soon arrived demanding that they be shown the carousel.  Darion, upon Abuelo’s advice, showed them an old glass lamp.  This angered Bandar and a quarrel between him  and Darion followed.  The quarrel ended with Bandar threatening harm upon Darion.  

Thank you for coming by and reading. 🙂


“I’m going for a walk. Would you like to come with me?” Abuelo asked as he put the saw back to its nail.

“No, Abuelo,” Darion mumbled as he shook his head while keeping his eyes fixed in the distance.

“Bar the door behind me then.” Abuelo glanced at Darion as he stepped out of the threshold pulling the door behind him.

Darion watched the old man, the wood he was working on tucked under his arm and a bolo dangling from his belt – disappear in the path towards the cove as the folks called it. Ordinarily, he would have gone with Abuelo. He loved to listen to the latter’s stories that get so fantastic that he could not tell whether Abuelo was teasing or not. One time, Abuelo told the story about big fire trees, palatial homes, horses, nobility. Even a king. In Valetta! Abuelo even told him not to tell anyone. He often found the tales so wild that sometimes, he wanted to believe the things people say about Abuelo when they think that he or Abuelo were not listening.

“Crazy old man,” the nastier folks said.

Trees. Horses. Blue waters. Green grass.” He smiled at the remembrance but he did not have the heart to listen to Abuelo’s silly stories this day.

And yet…. “ Darion lifted his head with a start, realization dawning upon him.

He rushed towards the spot where they buried the carousel. He was lifting the top box when he heard a thud on the roof. Before he could take a step, however, dozens of pebbles rained upon the tiny hut. He saw no one from the window but heard the scamper of feet and laughter.

He ran towards the door and opened it only to see Valerio coming down the path to the house. Immediately, he bolted the door, shut the window and curled in a shadowy corner of the house.



15 thoughts on “CAROUSEL – Part 4

  1. I thought about this story a couple weeks ago and wondered if you’d continue. Those boys are up to no good.I hope Abuelo gets back before anything bad happens. I do hope the inspiration strikes you to continue this story.

    1. Thank you for coming by and reading, Janna. I hope so too. Sometimes, I feel like I bit more than I could chew. There are too many questions to resolve and they make writing quite challenging. I want to push this though. 🙂

  2. Wow it’s been about 2 months. Time usually drags by with anticipation 😉
    The persistence really lends to the idea of dire life situations with these young men. You’ve kept this tension bottled nicely, though I dread to see what happens when it all explodes (though you gave a hint with the shattered lantern in the last part!).

    Well done as always. Thank you for finding the time.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement.
      As I told Janna, I do want to see this piece through but as I progress, I find that I have to settle some issues about the people involved and the direction that this will take – which is both exciting and intimidating for me.

  3. Thank goodness for the poor TV lineup during the summer months! Thanks for linking up this week. I love some of your descriptions here, especially the pebbles raining down. Great job with the prompt. I’m hoping you come back to continue developing this!

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