The sweetness of summer dripped from my chin
Juicy mangoes with their golden skin

whose fragrance coated the humid air
what temptation for a child to bear

plump fruits dangling from a neighbor’s tree
so worth the neighbor’s chase and my scraped knee.



Summer will always remind me of mangoes whose golden flavor and fragrance are unrivaled.  Call me biased, but there is no other fruit that is as sweet or as delicious as ripe Philippine mangoes. 🙂

This stylized summer memory has been written for DVerse’s Meeting the Bar prompt – Couplets for the Solstice given by Frank Hubeny.

27 thoughts on “SUMMER TREAT

  1. Lol, your Philippine mangoes sound like the Australian mangoes which actually SMELL like a mango before skinning. So, SO good! Nothing in North America comes even close. {sigh}

    1. ah, sometimes, one can get lucky. What part of North America are you? IN Canada, my sister-in-law can get good mangoes from the Asian stores.

      1. We’re on the West Coast. Mangoes do come into the stores from Mexico however they NEVER smell like a mango and only once has one ever tasted like a mango. It just makes having mangoes in Australia on visits that much better!

      2. I have had that experience. I used to get mangoes that looked good on the outside but was pale yellow and/or rotten inside. I guess that’s what happens when mangoes had to come from far away. We had some luck in recent years though. We were able to buy mangoes that both smelled good and was not bruised and too too ripe already. I guess, getting good mangoes is akin to winning a lottery.

  2. kaykuala

    plump fruits dangling from a neighbor’s tree
    so worth the neighbor’s chase and my scraped knee

    Resonates well with Hank’s escapades .too during the younger days!


  3. Mangoes are perfect for summer and warm weather! I grew up eating mangoes in the summer in Australia. They always are refreshing. Lovely shot of the mangoes, Imelda. They look ready to eat. Hope you are having a wonderful summer ☺

    1. Hi, Neil.

      Most of the yellow mangoes we have here are from South America. If you see any of those in the stores, make sure you give the mango the smell test. A properly ripe mango should exude that fragrant mango smell. Without that, do not get the mango. It means that it was picked before its peak and would be nastily sour when you eat it.

      A good substitute will be the red mangoes which are much more common. I think that they are from India and the Indians swear by them. Same test – fragrance.

    1. I have heard that too – both Indians and Pakistanis claiming their kind of mangoes – the red ones – is better than the yellow ones. They are good too, though, especially when they are the only ones available. 😀

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