“If only my baby can stay
little. Here on my lap, he sits
engaging me in his childish play,”
dreams a mother half out of her wits
by her kids who would throw fits
once and again. “What a comedy,”
she might say after the moment flits
by. Right now all’s a tragedy
to her baggy, sleep deprived eyes,
when she could hardly think smart
thoughts while she suppresses the cry
of frustration rising in her heart.
Yet she knows however much she’d moan
her maternal love is set in stone.

Our two-month old baby, the biggest surprise of our lives. 🙂


Over at DVerse, Gayle wants the pub regulars to write a poem using these words in order:  stay, sits, play, wits, fits, comedy, flits, tragedy, eye, smart, cry, heart, moan, stone

Meanwhile, WPC wants us to show what One Love means to us. 

18 thoughts on “A MOTHER’S LOVE

  1. Oh, the lament of an overworked, sleep deprived mother but her heart definitely is set in stone. How well you did with this, Imelda, and what a beautiful son you have. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats Imelda, he is a treasure to behold ~ Those nights of being sleep deprived will end soon & in the meantime enjoy your bundle of joy ~

  3. SO precious!!! Oh, I’m so happy for you. 🙂

    “dreams a mother half out of her wits” … Love this line; I can feel every word of this poem, deep in my bones. I have four of them!

  4. So true are your words…and to think it will only be days or hours when this precious time with a newborn (which certainly can be taxing) will begin again with me, but as you said…a mother’s love is set in stone.

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