“If only my baby can stay little. Here on my lap, he sits engaging me in his childish play,” dreams a mother half out of her wits by her kids who would throw fits once and again. “What a comedy,” she might say after the moment flits by. Right now all’s a tragedy to herContinue reading “A MOTHER’S LOVE”


You are a flower you do not see how beautiful you are. Your earthly eyes only see your life is sacrifice. But do you know – the angels gather your fragrance to perfume the throne of the Most High? Your tears are sprinkled in the heavens to light the night skies. When love weighs youContinue reading “TO THE MOTHER OVERWHELMED BY MOTHERHOOD”


How lovely is that flower, Heaven claims her as its own. Her labor perfumes its gardens Her tears make its pillars tremble for from her bosom springs forth souls shaped by God in His image and likeness to eternity they are bound prisms of grace and beauty doled from the Creator’s hands. Favored are you,Continue reading “MOTHERHOOD”


Need made her fly to a foreign land where like a slave she minded her masters’ home and child that she can feed her own little ones now hungering for their mother’s love. “DH”, short for Domestic Helper, was a piece inspired by the countless women who, in order to support their own families, leaveContinue reading “DH”


You always gave me the hand-me downs. You covered up Big Sister’s faults. She was responsible. I was not. She was favored. I was not. I am now a mother too. I understand. _____________________________ This piece was inspired by Trifextra: Week Sixteen. The challenge for this weekend is to write a 33-word response to  “Mother”.Continue reading “FOR MY MOTHER”