Stop breaking, my broken heart
for that love that never was
stop crying, my teary eyes
for the dream that all but passed
His love was only an illusion
marketed to the vulnerable
with words, saccharine sweet
masking the greed animating his bones.
Open your eyes. That handsome face
he let you see was another man’s  profile
The life story you were told
was a patchwork of lies
all so enthralling
before your love-struck eyes
that you were confused
when fate revealed this lover’s hand –
was it a blessing or a cruel prank
to raise romantic hopes so high
and let it fall with much pain
and humiliation besides?
You have shattered
You have cried
You are wiser now
Pick up the pieces
and dream again.


This was inspired by a friend’s  story and this  warning from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.


7 thoughts on “LOVE SCAMMED

  1. I absolutely love this. So many people will be able to relate to this one and that will honestly need to read this. There are a few pieces that I read online that prompt me to write and this is definitely one.

  2. The scam of deceit & lies – I am glad she was able to see it though it hurts very badly ~ Pick up the pieces & dream again, very wise words ~ Lovely to read you Imelda ~ Take care, smiles ~

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