A shiver runs through my spine The night is boxing me in Oh I am all alone The stars are distant and dim A stranger holds me close The shadows hide his face His touch has gone too cold Cold as an autumn breeze What wicked alchemy Turns love to mortal fear I am Summer’s bounty now Fall’sContinue reading “WHEN LOVE TURNS”


I met him with a luggageful of warnings. “He could be a psycho!” was my friends’ almost unanimous fear when I told them that I would meet the man I met online who happened to be from the other side of the world. After a year of extensive e-mails and expensive phonecalls, we agreed toContinue reading “THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW HIS FACE”

SUMMER LOVE (for Magpie Tales and DVerse Poets)

Vaporous skies sultry air velvet petals tinkling water a scenic stage for a romance an illusion a summer’s dance hold tight to inhibitions fever rises to delirium wide open eyes blinded by light conjures butterflies enchanting sight lifting her off her feet skimming clouds languid heat misty shroud summer dipped treacherous fall roses die sensesContinue reading “SUMMER LOVE (for Magpie Tales and DVerse Poets)”

ROMANCE (Classical Guitar)

It’s been a long time since I posted a musical video here.  Well, I guess I’ve been too busy to listen, really listen to anything.  Today, I have an easier afternoon (my husband brought the younger boys with him to the office) and so, I found my hands free and able to focus.  I sawContinue reading “ROMANCE (Classical Guitar)”


This was written originally in Tagalog. The English version is below. 🙂   ~~~~~~ Kumakagat ang dilim huminto na ang huni ng mga ibon naiwan ang katahimikan ng hanging amihan na nakikipaglaro sa mga dahon Aking inaabangan ang kwerdas ng gitarang tinutugtog palapit sa aking bintanang naghihintay ng kanyang tinig na magbibigay buhay sa isangContinue reading “HARANA / SERENADE”