Between heaven and hell
choices lie
shadow or light
they clutter
the heart
cannot decide
shadows hover
light is dark
hell is heaven
to the blind
what to choose
what to choose
can the heart
see the path
what feels good
how easy
to just draw
heaven or hell
as desired
in the place
in between
and that’s all he has.


For DVERSE POETS’ PUN’s Open Link Night.


15 thoughts on “CHOICES

  1. some choices are not easy… i usually make a pro and contra list when it comes to difficult choices and then listen to what my heart says…often it knows best….

  2. ha. there are many choices between the two…and sometimes its hard to tell which will get you where…but we make the best we can in the moment…at other times they can seem so far away when we are in the now…

  3. So many choices to make, and even not making a choice is a choice as well ~ Sometimes in the moment its hard to make a choice when our heart is in bind or blind ~

  4. This speaks to me of the importance of some time for silent reflection before making important choices. Wouldn’t it be nice to see an algorithm of where each choice will take us, instead of in retrospect. And then there is free will.

  5. I always find the poems with very short verses nice to read but difficult to write – each word stands out so they all need to be perfectly chosen and placed… more choices, I suppose…

  6. I read this a couple times and it made me stop and think. It does seem that sometimes the line between heaven and hell shifts in our minds, as if to justify the questionable choices we make.

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