TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)

This is my favorite ride in Fun Town Splash Town Park in Saco, ME. No, I do not ride, but I like its aesthetics best. I think the idea of people being served inside the cups, this time, is quite amusing. Inside, they experience an actual tempest in a teapot. It was for me the one time I got brave and sit in one of those cups.

Tempest in a Teacup in Funtown Splashtown Saco Maine

Visually, the blue color of the artwork  contrasts well with the white background.  Also, the dainty  appearance of this tea set belies the madness that it makes.

Walking away from the rides, we met a group of young men looking for some entertainment.  One said,  “let us try the teapots!”  Another replied in a much put-upon tone, “The tea pots?  Really?”  Obviously, he did not know what he was in for. TempestinateapotinFuntownSplashtownSacoMaine

The old world feel evoked by this little section of the park stands out against the loudness and gaiety in the entire park.

Lastly, contrasting motions propel the ride.  The whole set sits on a big circular platform.  Inside the platform are smaller circular platforms that accommodate three cups each.   The two platforms move in opposite directions:  clockwise for one, counter clockwise for the other.  On top of these movements, the teacup itself rotates on its axis, should I say.


It is a fun ride, really, if you are not as wary of motions as I am.  My children loved it.  And it looks so pretty, too.


Thank you for coming by.  For more contrasts, please visit WPC: CONTRAST  and Ailsa’s Travel Theme:  World Cups.


22 thoughts on “TEA TIME (For WPC: Contrast and Travel Theme: World Cups)

  1. Imelda… this is just such a lovely post,,, love the tea cups but probably would stand and watch rather than participate… not sure my stomach could put up with the rotations any more…

  2. I have a set of teacups and tea pot that look very similar to this ride. I agree with you, Imelda. The ride looks so pretty but you’ll never catch me inside one of those cups!

    1. You have a pretty tea set. If I am not mistaken, this design is a classic and a sought after one. Yes, I’d refer the teacup to be in my hand, not me inside of one. 🙂

    1. A few years back, I rode in a cup. Not this visit, though. I could not handle the motion (and cannot understand why people have to subject themselves to such ‘violence’ to have fun). 🙂 I was never a fan of amusement park rides, though now, I have to ride the occasional ‘tame’ ride to accompany a young child. Funny thing though, my 5year old was bolder than me.

  3. What a fun ride! We used to take the kids on the tea-cups at Disneyland but they didn’t look like ‘proper’ tea-cups such as these! The blue on the white makes for a wonderful contrast for the challenge, reminds me of English Wedgwood pottery…perfect for a lovely cup of tea 🙂

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