I’ve been wondering about what to post for Jake’s challenge.  Whether due to shyness or fear of being sued 😉 , I’ve been careful not to photograph people in my photo adventures.   However, in case I have just the sort of picture that is right for the challenge, I rummaged through my folders and found several interesting ones.

The first group of photos are about high school children (middle schoolers in US equivalent) going home for the day.   The photos are not really of good quality, they were taken during a  gloomy day – a heavy rain was about to fall – inside a moving vehicle with semi-tinted windows.    I am posting them anyway because of the story the pictures tell.

The jeepney is THE public transportaion in the Philippines, especially in the smaller towns. When I was attending school, I used to ride the jeepney to get to school and go back home. There were less of them then on the road and the jeepneys would be full to the rafters. The sight of people standing on the jeepney’s ledges and hanging from the bars were common. I did not think much of it back then, but now that I have my own children, I am very scared to even let them ride one.
Uniforms for school children are still the norm in the Philippines. I think uniforms for school people are good. They remove much of the issues arising from letting everybody to wear whatever they want. What do you think?
I just hope that they did not travel on top of the jeepney.

The second set of pictures that I found were taken from a happy place – the Bangor State Fair – during a sweltering summer day.

Lastly, I got this picture today on our way home from Mass.  From afar, I saw the gathering  and I almost jumped with joy 😉  – except that I was in a moving vehicle –  because I have something for the Sunday Post.   The Veterans had some sort of a memorial.  This little park was dedicated to the Veterans and here they regularly gather for celebrations/commemorations.   Unfortunately, we could not stop because my husband had to go to his office for some academic matters.

Thank you for dropping by.   I appreciate your presence here. 🙂  Please follow the Water Dragon for more responses. 

Have a great week.

9 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: PEOPLE

  1. I like your photos. I don’t intentionally photograph people, other than ones I know because I don’t want it to be creepy to them. I know I’d be a little unsettled if a stranger was snapping pictures of me 🙂

  2. nakamiss ang pinas seeing your pictures, pero katulad mo rin marami naiba sa aking pananaw ng mapunta ako sa ibang bansa.
    have a nice week!

    1. Totoo ka, Joy. Hindi ko man hiningi, naiba rin ang aking panlasa sa pagkain at kun ano-ano pa. Hirap na ako sa init sa atin noong umuwi ako. Kahiya man sabihin. 🙂

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