The streets of Montreal, especially the Old Port area, teem with masterpieces: buildings, parks, gardens, even  cobbled streets. They are fascinating and beautiful. Equally fascinating, and perhaps even more so, were the works of art that unfolded right before the  eyes.  I guess it is because the audience became a part of the creative processContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: MASTERPIECE”


On Memorial Day, we walked the mile or so to the Green to watch the Memorial Day Parade.  We thought that that would give our children a sense of community and history.  We  wanted the school aged boys to experience what they read in their Social Studies lessons. For the “V” Challenge, I wish toContinue reading ““V” for VETERANS”


I’ve been wondering about what to post for Jake’s challenge.  Whether due to shyness or fear of being sued 😉 , I’ve been careful not to photograph people in my photo adventures.   However, in case I have just the sort of picture that is right for the challenge, I rummaged through my folders andContinue reading “SUNDAY POST: PEOPLE”


The bud turns to flower the seed to its tree according to their nature things will be. The infant in the womb though yet a seed mirrors Himself time is all he needs.           ________________________________ This is my 33 word contribution to the  Trifextra: Week Eighteen challenge “For our weekend challenge, we’reContinue reading “EXPECTATIONS”